b2b-b2c Callcenter Service

b2b-b2c Callcenter Service


Anyone who wants to be ahead in business has to be better and faster than the competitors. Professional telephone marketing has established as a deciding factor in sales. WHY IS THAT? For companies and organizations telephone is a quick, efficient and cost-saving instrument to acquire new customers, attend existing ones and hold and enlarge business advantages. With the telephone receiver one leaves “one-dimensional” communications and opens a wide range of success promising perspectives in dialog with existing customers and those to be.
A good briefing is half the success!

An intensive product training and commitment are the basic parts for succeeding. The call center agents are being briefed theoretically and practically with their product and their services With their know-how combined with the experience of b2b a convincing strategy will be drafted and an effective dialogue guideline worked out.
Inbound : HELPDESK The b2b call center services are the first point of contact for the end customer. No matter whether technical problems or the status of repairs – all this information can be given through b2b´s own technical Support Center.
Outbound: PROXIMINITY The marketing via phone makes a customer base out of mere customer data, grants an uprised interest for your services and adds new interested parties as well as market research and quality control; all together with a positive impact on your enterprise.

b2b is eager to represent your company in an ideal way on the phone. This is guaranteed by sympathetic and highly qualified staff characterized by commitment to the customer and excellent communication abilities as well as superb language skills such as French, English, Italian, Dutch, Russian or Turkish. Here we can come up with native speakers.

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