b2b Procurement Logistics

Iincrease competitiveness by optimized procurement b2b Procurement Logistics


Procurement logistics do play a decisive role for the ideal supply of the customers. It stands at the very beginning of the logistic chain and thus at the very beginning of steering the flow of materials. With the help of a cost efficient procurement a solid basis for a successful unfold of services and continuance of competitiveness will be created. With the help of purposeful warehousing, increase of good exchange and consequently lowering goods on stock and bound capital the administration of inventory contributes to a higher level of liquidity.
The b2b Procurement Logistics provides the following Capacities and Services:

  • Procurement planning
  • Validation of offers
  • Negotiation and definition of contracts (e.g. frame contracts and planning of orders)
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Receipt of goods and controlling
  • Storage logistics
  • Transport logistics (in house)


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