b2b Contract Logistics

b2b Contract Logistics is individual and 99 partners from a single source.


The b2b contract logistics offer its customers individual investments according to their wishes and demands respectively their need for service. This tailor-made investment only makes sense for contract partners who seek long term structural planning. Through steady investment the b2b AG provides a large scale of standard services for its customers in this segment. As there are services from areas such as logistics, fulfillment and Supply Chain Management.

  • Procurement logistics
  • Distribution logistics
  • Product logistics
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Transport logistics


  • Project planning and concepts
  • Procurement
  • Product package manufacturing
  • Design and creation
  • Supervising and optimizing of manufacturing costs
  • Quality assurance

Supply Chain Management:

  • Supervision of project and execution as well as concepts
  • Planning and execution of fulfillment services
  • Reports on summaries of planning and execution
  • Fulfilling logistics services
  • After sales services – callcenter, repair service, return management

This effort saving contributes to the reduction of the single piece costs of a product up to 40 percent. This is the main reason why a growing number of customers decide in favor of outsourcing their production and therefore fulfillment in order to secure a competitive advantage as well as their persistence on the market.

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